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My Why: 

When your profession is empowering our youth, strengthening a family bond and creating lasting memories that outlive our own, how could you not love what you do. Being a Portrait Photographer gives me the ability to change lives, from our imperfect thinking of ourselves, to the reality within.

Children whose parents display family portraits in the home grow up with a greater confidence and sense of belonging, it has been revealed” According to research conducted by Venture New Generation Portraits. Children viewing their likeness in relation to their family in wall portraits have a better connection and feel their parents love when viewing the art in their family’s home.

For High School Seniors, this will probably be the last time they are professionally photographed until their engagements. This is a special time in their life, that will not come again. Giving them the outlet to shine and be creative in their own way is such a catalyst for their future. I enjoy seeing the excitement on their faces at that first look of their large portrait on metal or canvas that will hang in their room. The fun they will have sharing their Senior business style cards with fellow classmates is something that you can’t understand until you see it. The beautiful invitations that are unlike anyone else’s, going out to their family, friends and classmates is inspiring to them!

When a blended family comes together for that first family portrait that will hang over the mantle, in a family room or dining area. This creates a bonding like nothing else a family has! Every look to this family portrait says family, unity, oneness and forever. This can help so many emotions heal and grow with love.

The strong emotions coming from asking someone to take their hand in marriage should always be displayed so that it can give affirmation to what started it all, before hard times come knocking. Engagement, Lifestyle & Save the Dates are allowing them to come together like never before. One reason in particular that couples enjoy these photos is that many don’t have nice, professional pictures together before their wedding day, the Popular Science technology editor and part-time wedding photographer Stan Horaczek stated. “These types of photo shoots give couples a chance to have pictures taken of themselves that actually capture them at the time after they got engaged—happy, deliriously in love—as opposed to the often rushed pictures taken during the wedding itself, he says.

Of course, my Why would not be complete without mentioning the all-important family pet (whatever that may be). The crazy laughter that family pets bring to the circle of life. Whether a dog, cat, horse, pig & the list can go on. Capturing their essence, their quirky side and their love for their parents/siblings is so important in their short life. Getting that one amazing portrait to hang up for all time will shine love on you forever. They give us so much every day of their lives, we can show that love in return by giving them a place of memory in our home!


My What:    Think of your portraits as an investment in your family, your home, your legacy. Why put up a painting of  fruit or splattered paint on a canvas that will go out of style and stop matching your decor at some point when you can invest that money in your family. When you can have an art piece that reminds you of a wonderful time with the most important people & pets in your life. What I offer you is a reflection of what I see as an artist, through my lens, capturing those sweet, funny, loving, intimate memorable moments for all time. I am an award winning photographer who takes pride in giving impeccable attention to detail, from my 12 years of photography experience & knowledge, and my passion for crafting experiences for my clients that will be remembered forever!  I will work with you one-on-one to get to know you so that I can provide you with the best options and products that fit your "home" style. As a Boutique Portrait Photographer you receive the highest quality customer service, individual customization and top of the line quality products that can not be matched by others. It’s an experience that you will not forget and come to cherish after your first Consultation with me. 


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In love with my senior pictures. Lisa is amazing and is so open to any crazy ideas.

Aliya Allen

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